Make It Thrive



The main results of the project will consist of tools and methodologies that will be compiled on a website to support educators. However, the development of these results will be divided into parts, to facilitate the collection of all materials by the partners and the establishment of deadlines and priorities:

Result 1

Creation of a Toolbox with the most common mental health issues that arise during adolescence, and some of the unhealthy behaviours and habits that students often adopt. In the Toolbox, there’ll be a competency chart for each situation presented, which compiles specific behaviours that educators can adopt. Example: one of the symptoms presented may be anxiety and in the Toolbox you will find a detailed description of what this problem consists of and its behaviours, and how to identify them. At the same time, this description will be accompanied by a set of skills, tools and behaviours that educators can adopt to deal with this symptom.

Result 2

Compilation of case studies on students' mental health.

Result 3

Some case studies that will be used to create role play simulations (carried out in video format, using cartoons), developed for educators and aimed at increasing knowledge about mental health among students in a dynamic, simple and quick way.

Result 4

Compilation of exercises based on non-formal education to promote mental health in the classroom.

Result 5

Compilation of publications and research on mental health among students.

Result 6

Creation of an educator's "Check in" document, so that the educator can reflect on the progress they are making on the mental health of their students.

Result 7

Online platform, translated into all partners' languages, where teachers and students will be able to find all resources developed, as well as a Q&A where educators can ask questions to an expert in the field of mental health, and a forum where teachers can exchange experiences and opinions.